Mobile travel guide unveiled

Conciergerie deLuxe has partnered with ACIA to launch a mobile travel guide in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Polish.

For more than 300 destinations across the world, people can use their cell phones to access the latest information concerning the hotels, restaurants, bars and cafés, night life, tourist attractions, and upcoming cultural and sporting events, as well as practical information about the city and the local economy.

At any time, subscribers from France, Belgium, and Switzerland can send a
text message with the word: CONCIERGE

France: 83767

Belgium: 3486

Switzerland: 911

They will receive the link to access the Travel Guides on Mobile Concierge
deLuxe and can register at that time.
They can choose to join Conciergerie deLuxe either through their cell phone or through the web. For the web, VIP French-speaking clientele can join through the site: , which complements the American and English version of Conciergerie deLuxe at :