Frankfurt airport shows record traffic

The largest German airport closed out the first six months of 2007 with new record volumes. This applies for passenger count, cargo volume, aircraft movements and maximum takeoff weights (MTOWs).

Contrary to expectations, more passengers frequented Frankfurt Airport last month than a year ago despite the Soccer World Cup Tournament being held at this time last year which effected a higher traffic volume. A total of 4,831,305 passengers were recorded at Frankfurt Airport in June which is 0.1 percent above the count in the previous record year 2006 and the highest passenger count for the month of June in the history of this airport.

Fraport AG welcomed 25,695,723 passengers at its prime location from January to the end of June 2007. Consequently, the passenger count at Frankfurt Airport was up 2.5 percent compared to the same period last year.

The European routes were the main growth generator until the end of May. In June intercontinental traffic took over this role. Especially connections to and from the Far East were in high demand.

A new record was established for a June month in regard to the cargo volume handled at Frankfurt Airport: 175,924 metric tons of airfreight in June amounted to a 4 percent increase. During the first six months of 2007 airfreight throughput at FRA increased by 1.4 percent to 1,008,962 metric tons. For the first time at this airport the million metric ton level was already surpassed in June. The overseas freight markets in Asia and North America made major contributions to this record cargo volume.


Furthermore, 7,483 metric tons of airmail were handled in Frankfurt in June 2007 which is a plus of 1.3 percent. Airmail at 45,251 tons declined by 3.4 percent for the first six months in 2007 compared to the same period in 2006.

In June FRA recorded 42,092 takeoffs and landings. This count is slightly below (- 0.7 percent) the number of aircraft move?ments for the same month in 2006. The reason for the decline is the bad weather on June 21 which effected numerous flight cancellations. Overall, the number of aircraft movements between January and June increased by 0.8 percent to 241,701 despite the known capacity bottleneck at this airport.

The maximum takeoff weights (MTOWs), which are relevant for the airport charges, remained practically unchanged in June: 2,416,489 tons (- 0.2 percent). For the first six months of 2007: 13,785,644 tons (+ 1 percent).

The Fraport Group counted a total of 7,252,175 passengers in June (+ 4.8 percent) and 34,118,822 (+ 6.7 percent) from January to June. The cargo volume handled by the Fraport Group increased by five percent in June to 207,182 metric tons and 1,178,506 metric tons (+ 1.9 percent) from January to June.

The continuously booming low cost airport Frankfurt-Hahn served 369,859 passengers in June which is 5.6 percent more than in June 2006. During the first six months of 2007 a total of 1,936,315 passengers (+ 14.7 percent) were counted at this airport west of FRA.

The Fraport-Terminal in Antalya on the Turkish Riviera was frequented by 815,477 passengers in June (+ 21.9 percent). From January to June 2007 it served 2,104,261 passengers (+ 34.4 percent). Bourgas Airport on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast recorded 374,968 passengers in June (+ 11 percent) and Varna Airport 259,967 passengers (- 4.9 percent). During the first six months of 2007 Varna counted 432,551 passengers (-1.8 percent) and Bourgas 482,848 (+ 9.8 percent).

The airport in the Peruvian capital city Lima also reported a higher passenger count: 601,099 passengers (+ 28.4 percent) are recorded in the Fraport Group statistics for the month of June and 3,470,086 passengers (+ 24.4 percent) for the first six months of this year.