UNWTO pushes private sector for climate role

The World Tourism Organisation has said that the private sector will play a key role in shaping the global response to Climate Change The UN organisation is also encouraged tourism industry participation in a stakeholders Conference to be held in Davos Switzerland between 1 - 3 of October this year.

Speaking at the Australian Climate Change Conference, Geoffrey Lipman UNWTO Assistant Secretary General and Christopher Brown the Chair of UNWTO Business Council said that there is a window of opportunity for the Tourism Sector to input into the mainstream global response to Climate Change.

Mr Brown, who is also Managing Director of TTF Australia (Tourism & Transport Forum) said “Tourism businesses and tourists are already recognising the need to act to reduce their carbon footprint. We must also help to shape the global regime under which we will operate. To ensure this happens, TTF will be making recommendations to the Davos Summit and encourage others in industry, around the world to do the same. It is a unique characteristic of the UNWTO that it incorporates the industry into its membership structure and we should take full advantage of it.”

Lipman said “No one now doubts the reality of Climate Change and the UN system is committed to seeking solutions that are coherent with other global challenges, particularly the war on poverty. This is important for tourism which is a vital export for poor countries. In seeking solutions we are conscious of MDG 8 and its support for Public Private Partnerships, which is a foundation for tourism strategy” 

UNWTO- Committed to Tourism, Travel and the Millennium Development Goals


He added “Davos, thanks to the World Economic Forum, is a place that is known for addressing global challenges and strong private sector vision. We are delighted to have the support and involvement of the World Economic Forum and the Swiss Government, as well as the partnership of UNEP and the WMO in this important event.”
UNWTO is the central UN Agency for Tourism and has developed a series of programmes and indicators to support sustainable tourism development.