Trustive launches Europe flat-rate

Trustive has launched ‘all you can eat’ pricing for its customers.  The ‘Unlimited’ offering will deliver mobile professionals and SMEs flat rate Wi-Fi access to its worldwide network.  This covers most major European airports and many other prime locations and includes over 30,000 hotspots, of which 23,000 hotspots are already available, with the remainder becoming accessible within 60 days.

For a monthly fee of ?33 Trustive Unlimited enables individual subscribers to use any of the company’s affiliated hotspots for as long as they want with no additional roaming charges or per-minute fees.  Users also have the flexibility to cancel their subscription by giving only one month’s notice.  Trustive Unlimited Business provides SMEs with unlimited usage for a flat-rate monthly fee of ?150 per month split across five easy-to-manage accounts.  These can be shared between a company’s entire mobile workforce as required.  An online management tool enables quick and simple administration of the service and allows the company to easily monitor usage. 

Trustive also continues to offer Trustive Pre-paid for a one-off fee of ?25 for the occasional hotspot user or those who do not want to sign up to a subscription service.  These accounts are valid for 12 months and the service is utilised on a pay-per-second basis. 

Bram Jan Streefland, co-founder and managing director of Trustive, said: “We have always been determined to give our customers the best possible service - that means delivering a consistently high quality service at a competitive price and providing greater end-user choice.  We believe we are delivering on quality - our network already connects more than 70 of the best networks, including The Cloud, SFR, KPN Hotspots and Vodafone Italia and it is continuing to grow.  Trustive Unlimited enables us to deliver on our goals for price and extending choice. We expect to see keen interest from frequent travellers that want to access the internet, email, and an increasing number of new multimedia services.” 

Users can sign up to the service via, where they can register and download Trustive’s end-user software.  Although not a pre-requisite for the use of the Trustive service, it enables users to easily detect and gain secure one click access to the Trustive network of hotspots anywhere in the world.  The end-user interface also incorporates a unique email tool, which enables messages to be sent from any hotspot, using their existing email account even if SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) access is blocked.  This makes being unable to send emails from a hotspot a thing of the past.  Other key features include an instant account history and overview, and VPN connectivity allowing users to access their organisation’s corporate network.


Already, in the first six months of 2007 Trustive has signed agreements with, Wayport US and Wayport Europe, Vodafone Netherlands, Vodafone Italia, The Cloud and 16 other hotspot operators to extend its network.