Amadeus upgrades e-Travel Management.

Amadeus has launched the latest version of Amadeus e-Travel Management. Version 10.2 provides travellers with increased functionality to make booking travel a more personalised and improved travel experience, adding access to a wider range of local customised services and saving time for the traveller.

The new version includes a section where travel managers can give users access to external local providers within the corporate travel programme.  This can be used to conveniently access localised services such as restaurants, car services and independent hotels in a specific location.  Using the tool is also more time efficient as travellers need only log in once - rather than visiting a different homepage for each provider using different log in details each time.  It also has a new auto-complete function that provides an instant predictive list of city, airport or rail station locations from which to select.  Flight searches can be conducted by arrival time which assists travel itinerary planning.

A new ‘Vendor Exclusion Wizard’ allows the travel manager to exclude up to 50 air, car, or hotel providers which do not conform to their travel management, environment and corporate social responsibility policies. Once a vendor has been excluded, employees booking their travel online through v10.2 will not receive future recommendations from that supplier.

The new version also allows companies considering how best to reduce their carbon footprint to link to online carbon-offset providers of their choice.  Using new functionality, v10.2 enables a direct link to be put in place to selected carbon management suppliers so that travellers can choose to measure the environmental impact of individual journeys against their corporate environmental policy. 

The ‘unused ticket indicator’ feature allows companies to see clearly in real-time how many purchased air tickets have not been used by employees.  Air ticket refunds are often complex and differ depending on regional markets across the globe. This valuable information can help companies based in, or with significant travel spend to or from the United States and United Kingdom, to see how much they are losing out by not


effectively managing unused air tickets and to put policies in place to minimise otherwise significant losses to the travel budget.

Commenting on these latest and most personalised version of Amadeus e-Travel Management, Marcos Isaac, Director of Corporate & Distribution Channels, for Amadeus said;  “This latest version of Amadeus e-Travel Management is the next step forward in helping to make the booking process a far more ‘tailor-made’, improved travel experience.  Access to many different local and external services for users makes the overall experience far more bespoke and therefore helps to drive up adoption rates”.

He added; “Through the unused ticket indicator, companies might also chose to re-evaluate whether the booking of non-refundable tickets makes financial sense and to manage overall travel budgets more cost-effectively.”