Qantas expands Dreamliner fleet

Qantas Airways is planning to buy 20 more
B787 aircraft and convert 20 purchase rights
  into options for the new generation Dreamliner.
  The additional aircraft will take Qantas’ existing order of the B787 to
  85 - 65 firm aircraft and 20 option aircraft.

  Qantas also has a further 30 purchase rights for the B787.

  The Chief Executive of Qantas, Mr Geoff Dixon, in Seattle for the
  rollout of the first B787, said the 787s would be used by the
  Qantas Group’s two major brands, Qantas and Jetstar, for both domestic
  and international flying.

  “The additional aircraft will better enable Qantas and Jetstar to take
  advantage of growth opportunities for point-to point flying
  in the Asia-Pacific region and to new international destinations in
  Europe, India and the Americas.”

  Qantas ordered 45 firm B787s, 20 options and 50 purchase rights in
  December 2005.


  Mr Dixon said the December 2005 order had enabled the Qantas Group to
  lock in competitive pricing and secure delivery slots
  for what had proved to be a much sought after aircraft.

  “The B787’s fuel efficiency and resultant lower seat mile cost will
  enable Qantas and Jetstar to expand more rapidly, particularly
  in the Asia-Pacific, the world’s fastest growing aviation region.”

  Mr Dixon said the Qantas Group would take delivery of its first B787-8
  aircraft in July next year.

  “The first 15 aircraft will be used by Jetstar, accelerating the growth
  of its international operations.”
  “In line with the company’s two brand philosophy, subsequent deliveries
  will be allocated between Qantas and Jetstar on the basis
  of the best returns for the Group.”

  Mr Dixon said that from 2011 the Group would begin to take delivery of
  the B787-9 aircraft, the stretched version of the B787-8,
  which would have greater passenger capacity and greater range.

  Mr Dixon said that Boeing and Qantas would finalise the increased order
  over the next month.