HGR signs deal with Banyan Tree

Hospitality Graduate Recruitment (HGR) has signed a one-year partnership with Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts to help the luxury Asian chain attract the best of a new generation of hospitality graduates.The partnership, which came into effect June 4, gives senior management at all of Banyan Tree’s 23 resorts in 10 countries unlimited access to profiles of undergraduates, graduates and alumni from over 100 hotel schools and hospitality universities globally - the future of the industry.

“The HGR online platform will allow Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts to identify and recruit managers and leaders of the future,” says Mr Jeff Ross, Managing Director of HGR. “Working with our diverse and unique network of hotel schools and universities will enable Banyan Tree to build its brand awareness within the international hospitality education industry. They will be one step ahead of their competitors in recruiting the best hospitality graduates and undergraduates.”

Banyan Tree currently employs 6,600 associates worldwide. The company’s aggressive growth pipeline indicates an additional 40 properties in the next four to five years. The group’s Senior Vice-President and Managing Director for Hotel Operations, Mr Bernold O. Schroeder, says that the demand for qualified trainees and entry level applicants is much higher than ever before. “Successful first-time placement and retention of young talent is absolutely key to service delivery.”

Mr Schroeder says that the expectations of Banyan Tree’s targeted clientele and return guests are constantly rising. “We encourage this trend. However, this also requires the need for our guest-contact associates to have a fine-tuned sense of what Banyan Tree service is all about.  We are, therefore, always on the look out for talented and educated candidates at the early stages of their careers so we can train and develop them based on our service values. Clearly, this aspect of our human resources philosophy is vital to our success. Our partnership with HGR will contribute to ensuring that our human capital responds to our strategies now and in the future.”