CTO chief calls for the brightest

The Secretary General of the Caribbean
Tourism Organization, Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, has made a strong plea for
the region’s brightest to get involved in the tourism industry.
Mr. Vanderpool-Wallace told delegates attending the 3rd Tourism Human Resources
Conference at the Arawak Hotel here that while tourism is the Caribbean’s most
important sector, it is not the industry of choice for most of the region’s best
However, he said, the Caribbean cannot take full advantage of the “natural
advantage” it has in tourism if the brightest people avoid the industry.
“We have a natural advantage in the area of tourism. Tourism chose us, we didn’t
choose tourism,” the Secretary General said. “The world told us ‘you guys are very
good at tourism,’ let’s listen to it and begin to do those things that are very
important for us to get better.
“If this is the most important part of our industry we have to get the best people
we have involved in the industry. We have to identify them, select them, recruit
them, then train them in addition to the people who are already here.”
The CTO boss stressed that the region is facing mounting competition from other
tourism destinations and “the best of our citizens” must be involved globally in
order to successfully face this competition.
More than 75 delegates from across the region are participating in the three-day
conference, organised by the CTO in collaboration with the Guadeloupe Tourist Board,
the Guadeloupe Hospitality Institute and the Regional Council of Guadeloupe.
Themed, “Leading Change in Tourism Within a Dynamic, Global Environment,” the 3rd
Tourism Human Resources Conference targets tourism and hospitality educators,
trainers, human resource professionals/consultants and managers with responsibility
for human resources across the region.
It is funded in part by the European Union within the framework of the Caribbean
Regional Sustainable Tourism Development Programme.