Joie de Vivre launches interactive website

Joie de Vivre Hospitality has launched their latest online innovation,, a web site that rivals even the industry’s largest brands. By offering capabilities specifically designed to enrich California travel experiences, guests can now arrive with customized, content-rich agendas ... and even a list of local contacts with like-minded interests.

In alignment with current trends that show travelers using the internet as a primary travel planning tool, Joie de Vivre Hospitality has incorporated new site elements that assist with much more than simply booking rooms. Now, visitors can literally be ‘folded into’ a local, real-time California experience on a deeper level than Travelocity, Expedia, or third-party travel sites go:

  —California Connect - A new Joie de Vivre Hotels online community
    infuses a web 2.0 element into the site, enabling travelers to blog,
    meet fellow travelers and exchange recommendations, write reviews, join
    group discussions, upload photos and more;

  —Your California - A California destination web portal with travel
    planning tools and information, such as:

    Things to Do:  Close to 400 regional attractions that include more than
    the usual tourist stops ... local treasures, hidden gems and great
    finds ‘off the beaten path.’

    Experience Planner:  Users select specific items from the recommended
    “Things to Do” section and create a custom itinerary that can be
    printed, or forwarded to travel partners.

    Videos:  Users can watch quirky video shorts of specific San Francisco
    neighborhoods, filmed by locals, for a real-time perspective of the

    Joy of Life Guides:  More in-depth and ‘polished’ recommendations with
    details that go beyond the Experience Planner. These guides, authored
    by locals, can be found for subjects from ‘I Need My Java’ to ‘Mommy,
    I’m Bored.’

    Locals Talk:  Joie de Vivre staff and friends share their local

  —Hotel Matchmaker - Building on an idea Joie de Vivre Hospitality
    introduced in 2003, the Hotel Matchmaker offers advanced search
    capability that enables guests to find the perfect hotel, with
    surprising accuracy, through personality-based questions that result in
    three hotels, potential activities and two like-minded individuals.
    This feature also allows users to search hotels by name, location,
    amenities and photos.

  —Industry trends show that what is offering is exactly
    what savvy travelers are seeking, particularly when it comes to
    California. In a recent survey conducted by the California Travel and
    Tourism Commission (CTTC), when consumers were asked what types of
    information about California would be most useful, they responded:
    —trip itineraries by traveler type (families, groups, romance)
    —trip itineraries by favorite activities (wine lovers, foodies,
      sports nuts)

    —regional tours

    —concierge service to customize vacations to suit individual

    —event calendars and entertainment guides

... among others. Travelers also described that they want to experience the state’s lifestyle, either from an observatory or participatory standpoint ... they want to become a Californian, if only for a short time. The new presents the unique perspectives, insights and tips of California locals so travelers can experience much more than the usual attractions.