Virgin Galactic announces space charters

Sharaf Travel, the accredited space office of Virgin Galactic in Dubai has announced space charter flights.  Deposits to secure charter bookings for SpaceShipTwo which seats six passenger astronauts are now being taken.

The Virgin Galactic experience involves boarding SpaceShipTwo which is attached to a mother-ship known as WhiteKnightTwo.  Following a run-way take-off the space craft will climb to an altitude of 50,000 feet where the spaceship will be released and the rocket ignited.  The rocket burn acceleration powers the spaceship to the speed of sound in just 10 seconds, and over three times the speed of sound in under 30 seconds.  The G-force surge will push the clients back into their seats as they head into the darkness of space to an altitude of 70 miles (110km) above the earth’s surface. When the rocket motor shuts down, all passengers, who by this stage are officially ‘astronauts’, will experience the silence of space, and majestic views of earth as they float around the large cabin in zero gravity (for 4 minutes). The spaceship returns to earth, passing back through the atmosphere using a unique wing feathering technology to ensure stability and to minimize heat intensity, before making a normal runway landing.  In total the space flight will last for around two hours.

“Charter space flights offer a unique opportunity for companies to associate themselves with space tourism,” said Mr Salah Sharaf, Chairman, Sharaf Travel - Virgin Galactic’s Accredited Space Office in Dubai.

“Alternatively, families or like-minded friends may choose the option to charter a spaceship.  I cannot imagine anything better than sharing such an exciting experience with people you know.”

Space flights are now available for sale at US$200,000 per person per flight with three different deposit structures available: