Worldspan adds rail booking tool

Worldspan has introduced an interactive rail booking tool that makes train bookings as simple for travel agents as arranging travel online. The new Worldspan Go! Rail Booking Tool eliminates traditional GDS entries, and replaces them with intuitive, Web-like travel buying tools to simplify and accelerate the rail buying experience. The new shopping, booking and commission-generating tool sits on the travel agent’s desktop for quick and easy access. It is available free of charge to Worldspan agents globally.

Travel agents are able to shop and book the products of leading North American, European and Japanese rail service providers through graphical displays, using point-and-click navigation, mouse-over functionality, pull-down menus, interactive calendars and a route mapping tool—all intuitive features that fully integrate with the Worldspan GDS. The new Go! Rail Booking Tool is Worldspan’s first interactive, rail-specific product, paving the way to a single platform for booking global rail content.

“As the latest addition to our suite of interactive desktop tools for travel agents, the new Go! Rail Booking Tool introduces many first-time, timesaving capabilities. It is all about simplicity, speed and increased revenues for our customers,” said Sue Powers, Worldspan chief information officer and senior vice president - Worldwide Product Solutions. “The tool boosts productivity for agents with extensive experience in booking rail, and it is extremely beneficial to novice agents who are unfamiliar with GDS formats.”

Worldspan agents in the United Kingdom have access to the full product portfolio of Amtrak in North America, and selected European rail services sold under the AccesRail umbrella. Agents also have access to Japan Rail East passes, and London Airport Express services to/from Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted Airports are also available. The Go! Rail Booking Tool taps into Worldspan’s global travel database for real-time availability, rates, rules, terms and conditions, and booking and ticketing capabilities.

In addition to automating GDS formats, graphical displays minimise the need to manually compare pricing and availability options, and agents also use easy-to-search rail station lists that eliminate the need to know specific and often-confusing train station codes. Agents can view routing maps, and also view and print fare rules, terms and conditions. Tickets are easily issued on air ticket printers using standard airline ticket.


stock. Rail segments can be added to PNRs containing other travel segments, including air, car rentals and hotels, and when applicable, rail segments can be priced with air segments and issued on one ticket. All rail bookings integrate fully with travel agency back-office and accounting systems.

To access the tool, travel agents simply click on the Script Index on the Worldspan Go! menu bar, select the Book tab and choose the Go! Rail Booking Tool. The new tool replaces the Amtrak booking script previously used by agents through Worldspan Go!

The Worldspan Go! Rail Booking Tool sits alongside other new interactive desktop tools for booking low fares, car rentals and hotels. The Go! e-Pricing Shopping Tool invokes the acclaimed suite of Worldspan e-PricingSM technologies, enabling agents to conduct distinct types of low-fare searches from a single launch point. The Go! Car Booking Tool and Go! Hotel Booking tool offer agents rich search criteria, valuable comparison shopping features, vehicle and hotel images to assist in the travel buying process, and much more.