Passkey unveils event alert system

Passkey has launched Smart Alerts?, a event alert system that delivers vital event information via email to Passkey users at critical event milestones With Smart Alerts?, Passkey customers can track and manage their events with great ease, allowing them to maximize the revenue and return on event housing investment.

“We are thrilled to be the first company in the industry to offer this innovative technology,” said Greg Pesik, President & CEO of Passkey. “E-mail is the most ubiquitous communication tool and by taking advantage of its widespread use, we are able to make Passkey even more useful and user friendly. The reception that we have received in our marketplace to date has been extraordinary.”

Passkey is launching two types of Smart Alerts, “Alerts” and “Updates,” with several more under development.

Alerts: Alerts are sent out automatically as soon as certain user-specified event conditions are met, such as whenever “an event block night is at least 85% full”. A critical capability is that Passkey users can configure an unlimited number of Smart Alerts for each event and provide an unlimited number of recipients per Smart Alert.

For example, a hotel user may schedule a Smart Alert to be sent out to hotel staff as well as to the event’s meeting planner, alerting them on a weekly basis of event block and pick up status. Smart Alerts bring tremendous value to Passkey users by delivering critical information at the right time to the right people—those involved in managing event housing. This ability helps these individuals manage their event hotel blocks and reservations for maximum revenue, yield and return, while minimizing labor costs and attrition risks


Updates allow users to receive critical event information, such as block and pick-up status, via email on a regularly scheduled basis, such as weekly, monthly or daily.

“When we first heard Passkey was working on this technology, we were thrilled,” said Melanie Hunt, Boston Marriott Copley Place. “With business booming year round, rooms can sell out with virtually no warning or notice. Using Passkey, I now have the ability to know which blocks are most popular and when we need to add more rooms, all before it is too late. This ability allows us to maintain our stellar level of customer satisfaction.”