Crown Macau deploys IPTV solution

NxTV’s HD IPVOD and IPTV guest room entertainment platform is in operation at the just opened Six-Star Crown Macau Hotel in Macau, China, making the property the first in the territory to feature a full IPTV solution.  The 216-room Crown Macau is located in the tallest building on Taipa Island, Macau, and it is the newest member of NxTV’s Asian client portfolio that includes many luxury hotels throughout Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand.  With thousands of new hotel rooms coming online in Macau in the next three years, the Crown Macau has set the benchmark in technology for the region.

Russell P. Reeder, President and COO of NxTV, Inc., said, “The Crown Macau is utilizing NxTV’s proven platform to deliver HD IP Video On Demand, IPTV Free to Guest content and high-speed TV Internet access.  As the largest provider of digital IPVOD solutions to the hospitality industry worldwide, NxTV has earned respect in China from its considerable experience delivering IP-based in-room services to the booming Asian hotel market since its first installation in 2004.”  Now that hotels are building scalable IP networks, all hotel technology can leverage one converged network for all their future proof, IP-based systems.

In Asia, as well in North America and around the world, NxTV’s widely installed IPVOD system enables hotel owners to take full advantage of the newest converged IP network technology today and in the future.  Designed specifically to carry digital information securely, IP infrastructure is the only way to operate on a converged network.  Without an IP-based solution, even the broadcast digital VOD systems on the market today are not scalable or capable of lowering costs by running on a converged network.  NxTV also provides the newest digital entertainment servers with the largest capacity in the hospitality industry, to maximize revenue-building opportunities for its clients.  NxTV’s July 2007 movie lineup will feature over 250 movies on demand, the largest selection in the industry, including recent Hollywood blockbusters, family content and smaller box-office independent films.

“At an ultra-luxury 6-Star property like the Crown Macau, it is essential that well traveled guests be provided with the clearest on-screen images and widest range of entertainment choices, and there is no room for failure,” Reeder explained.  Many providers use coaxial cable in some part of the content and distribution system, which degrades picture quality.  Lower quality signals like analog or broadcast digital not only look worse on high definition displays because the imperfections are magnified, but also are not secure without an IP content delivery system.

“Content delivery over a scalable IP network provides the sharpest picture quality possible,” Reeder said.  “NxTV’s picture quality excels in part because the system moves content over a secure and reliable converged IP network and adheres to the highest security standards.”