Wayport unveils entertainment system

Wayport is launching “Entertainment-on-Demand”, an IP based, high definition on-demand video, gaming, Internet and interactive services integrated with TV that run over Wayport’s unified network.
Wayport’s Entertainment-on-Demand offers high definition viewing and a full featured high definition user interface, video on demand over IP, DVD-like functionality and world class content. In addition to entertainment variety, Wayport will provide a customizable interface that can be changed on a per hotel or per-room basis.

IPTV offers a technical advantage because multiple services and applications can run over the same network infrastructure. The new video solution is based on a flexible, open, advanced architecture that easily supports new features and capabilities. Wayport’s strength in running IP networks and managing mission critical applications ensures that Entertainment-on-Demand is managed end to end, ensuring the highest levels of quality and service, maximizing the customer and hotel experience.

Product features of Wayport’s Entertainment-on-Demand include:

Free TV via existing TV feed already in place

Video on Demand over IP Network

High Definition for some VOD assets

PMS Integration - for select PMS systems

TV Checkin/Checkout/Folio Review

TV Internet w/wireless keyboard

Attractive/customizable user interface

End-to-end encryption for content assets/Digital Rights Management

DVD-like functionality including pause/play/rewind

Bookmarks for VOD assets

Static electronic program guide for free TV offerings

High-Definition Media Interface (HDMI) connectivity from set top to TV

Static guest services page

Hoteliers can take advantage of PMS integration and custom branding, offer television via the existing TV feed in the hotel and generate additional revenue while making their guests feel right at home. Wayport manages everything, from the design and installation to connectivity, security, maintenance, content and digital rights management.

“Wayport has been a leader of customized network services for many years in the hospitality space and will enhance that position as we introduce Entertainment-on-Demand and other breakthrough applications in all our vertical markets,” said Dave Vucina CEO of Wayport. “Our IPTV solution adds tremendous value to our existing portfolio of network services, technology and applications that enable innovative hotel brands to attract and retain customers, improve operational efficiencies and create new business capabilities.”


For the past 11 years Wayport has been designing and managing multi-purpose networks. Wayport monitors the enterprise network 24/7, provides certified technicians to repair and configure the equipment, provides end-user and hotel staff support 24/7, monitors the AUP and oversees government compliance for CALEA and DMCA.

Wayport introduces this new digital video-on-demand solution as an extension of its existing state-of-the-art hospitality broadband Internet product.  The company also provides a high-speed Internet access, a turnkey lobby PC solution, the CyberCenter Express; VoIP with the Vocera Communications® System (a revolutionary hands-free communication technology); bandwidth shaping; VPN verification and support and customized meeting and conference services.