SITA supports educational program

A group of twelve business students from Columbus State University visited SITA’s operations in Atlanta and Rio de Janeiro, as part of an educational program to enrich the students’ international business knowledge recently. This is the second year that SITA supports students in this program.

Having a better understanding of current trends and activities related to managing business operations in both the US and Brazil is one of the objectives of the study abroad course, coordinated by Dr. John Finley. “We want our students to observe first hand and acquire knowledge of how companies manage international operations, realize the impact of international operations on corporate strategy, and gain a global perspective on business,” said Dr. Finley, Columbus State University professor.

“SITA is delighted to support this international program, developing students’ perception of the differing cultural influences role in the business decision making process”, said Olivier Layly, SITA Vice President for Latin America and Caribbean.  “SITA is owned by around 700 companies in the air transport community and serves more than 1,800 customers in over 220 countries and territories. For more than 56 years, SITA has been at the forefront of technology change in air transport. There are some 3,400 staff working with SITA, of more than 140 nationalities and proficient in 70 different languages.  This makes SITA an ideal place for students to learn about the international business environment.”

At SITA’s Atlanta office, students experienced leading-edge technologies at SITA’s Demo Center, which is a replica of technology at a small airport. They were able to see integrated technology systems used in airports, offering a shared use environment enabling efficient space utilization and cost reduction. The group then organized a visit to Rio de Janeiro International Airport to see SITA’s common-use terminal equipment (CUTE), a state-of-the art IT system for managing busy airport environments.