Wayport launches portal with Yahoo

Wayport has announced that it will launch a Wi-Fi portal for the hospitality industry, with localized services provided by Yahoo!.The unique portal will be presented to hotel customers as they connect to Wayport’s Wi-Fi and wired service to significantly enhance their experience when staying at a hotel.

Under the terms of the multi-year partnership, Yahoo! will be the exclusive portal provider for Wayport’s U.S. network. As part of Yahoo!‘s first nationwide Wi-Fi partnership, Wayport will have revenue opportunities from Yahoo!‘s sponsored search, display advertising, and shopping services, and Wayport will share this revenue with hotels. Wayport’s experience and ability to pinpoint a hotel customer’s connection location enables Wayport to send geographical location information directly to Yahoo!, enabling them to provide a localized experience like no other in the industry for the guest.

“The combined capabilities of Wayport’s expertise in location based services and Yahoo! content provides our hotel partners and their guests with the industry’s best experience,” said Greg Williams, EVP of corporate and business development for Wayport. “We have innovative plans to contract with hotel and service providers to bring this portal to the entire industry, sharing in revenues and creating a great business traveler experience.”

“Yahoo! is dedicated to working with Wayport, a leader in Wi-Fi hot spots in North America, to help enhance their business services while customizing the way business travelers connect with their communities,” said Dean Stackel, vice president, business development, at Yahoo!. “Working with Wayport to deliver this unique Wi-Fi portal for the hospitality industry shows our commitment to providing valuable sources of traffic for our advertisers.”