Malev CEO on IATA council

At its recent General Assembly the International Air Transport Association (IATA) re-elected Dr. Janos Gonci, chief executive officer of Malev Hungarian Airlines, onto the 30-member Board of Governors of the organization representing more than 270 airlines and industry bodies around the world. The post on the Board of Governors of IATA is not the only position of international significance the Malev CEO holds.

On 21 May, at its assembly in Brussels, the Association of European Airlines (AEA) elected Dr. Janos Gonci to the President’s Committee of the organization.

As a consequence of this appointment the management of the Hungarian national airline can receive first-hand information about the processes and decisions in the European air industry.

The appointment of the Malev CEO to IATA and the AEA is clear evidence that today these international executive bodies regard Malev as an airline worth involving in international strategy planning and decision-making at the highest level.

IATA has represented, led and served the airline industry for more than 60 years. Its members comprise some 250 airlines representing 94% of international scheduled air traffic. Furthermore, the membership of the organization includes several other industry stakeholders.