Royal Jordanian endorses SITA

Royal Jordanian CEO and President, Samer El-Majali, today paid tribute to IT’s powers of transformation at the annual SITA IT summit when he briefed industry leaders on the role SITA has played in enabling Royal Jordanian to become the first Middle Eastern airline to join a global airline alliance.

Majali, CEO and President of Royal Jordanian, said, “There were some key elements in deciding why we chose SITA - not least its Passenger Service Systems. Such products help to improve the passenger experience with Royal Jordanian. It was also critical that SITA could enable us to be oneworld compliant, a goal we were pleased to achieve earlier this year.

“The experience of Royal Jordanian is further confirmation that airlines are looking for straightforward solutions to simplifying their distribution and prefer a holistic approach to the challenges of optimizing yield while offering state-of-the-art shopping tools to the consumer. SITA now offers a wide-ranging portfolio to address all these complex issues from on-line distribution to revenue management.”

SITA’s $3.2 million three-year contract provides Royal Jordanian with a complete solution to enable interoperability with all the other oneworld alliance partners through a number of products and solutions including the SITA Departure Control System (DCS), e-ticketing, (enabling it to become compliant with IATA’s 2007 100% e-ticketing goal), expanded distribution through the Royal Jordanian web-site, and sophisticated pricing and revenue management tools.

The airline is already benefiting from the reduced costs of online distribution while also improving customer service through its own web site. SITA’s Airfare Shop application provides the airline’s customers with significantly enhanced shopping capability.