Lindian Village resort gets revamp

The four to five star Lindian Village resort in the holiday island of Rhodes in Greece has recently been revamped. White-washed apartments are set in lush floral landscaped gardens and the sound of water all around creates the sense of being in a retreat. Linsey Wynton visited the spa at Lindian Village with her friend.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had an obsession with collecting stones on the beach. My friend Sharon shares this slightly strange habit. So when we stone lovers arrived at Lindian Village in Rhodes in Greece, we were delighted to find a volcanic stony beach.
And when we headed to the resort’s spa, to book a much needed massage, the obvious choice for me seemed to be the Hot Stone Massage. When the polished volcanic stones are placed on the body’s Chakra points, they apparently transmit vibrations and release energy that is said to instil serenity and well being. Since I was feeling burnt out after a stressful few months, it sounded like the perfect remedy.

But Sharon decided she’s rather comb Rhode’s beautiful beaches gathering pretty pebbles. So she settled for an aromatherapy massage to aid relaxation and release toxins - built up over several evenings of sampling surprisingly pleasant Greek wine. 

Luckily we were able to have our treatments on the only over-cast day of our week-long holiday in the newly refurbished four to five star resort. It was a great way to unwind after taking several excursions around the island’s beauty spots - including a hike up 300 steps to the Mount Tsambika Monastery - and another winding climb up to the Acropolis in Lindos.

Before our treatments, we enjoyed a Hamam, or Turkish bath. We lay in the steam room, gazing up at the star-like neon lights on the roof, before submerging ourselves in the warm pool, then wrapping up in fluffy bathrobes and lazing about on loungers, sipping detoxifying herbal teas. So by the time we were called through to the treatment rooms, we were already really relaxed.   
As my treatment began, my therapist Irena placed a towel on my back with several hot stones on top. She gave me a large, smooth stone to hold in each hand and some smaller stones were slotted in between my toes. Next, warm almond oil was drizzled over my legs and the Ayurvedic massage began with gentle movements with the smooth, rounded stones. Initially I found the stones a little too hot, but I soon got used to them dancing delicately up and down the backs of my legs, easing me into a day-dreaming state.
Usually I opt for a deep tissue massage to knead away my aches and pains, so this was incredibly gentle in contrast. The movements were very light and I soon started to feel sleepy as the stones were swept up my legs, back and arms in circular movements. I was a bit dazed when Irena asked me to turn over onto my back for the second part of the full body treatment. And I was disappointed when she got to the final part of the treatment - a lovely hot stone facial leaving my skin feeling smooth and glowing.
Afterwards, I wanted to stay on the massage table, under the towel with stones in my hands and toes. But I managed to venture up, lured by the prospect of sipping a sweet vanilla tea and hearing about Sharon’s experience.
Sharon admitted that her aromatherapy massage was more vigorous than she would have liked. But it was also amazingly beneficial as her therapist, Eleni, had concentrated on draining her lymph nodes of lymphatic acid. Although it was uncomfortable at times, as we walked along the beach, Sharon remarked that her legs and arms felt much lighter than the day before, even though she already had a few stones in her pockets. 
By Linsey Wynton