Czech unveils new online plans

Czech Airlines has outlined extensive plans to improve and further develop it’s online booking and purchasing systems.Since the beginning of this week, passengers flying with Czech Airlines have had the option of checking in for their flights online at This service is currently limited to flights originating in Prague, Paris and Amsterdam. The new option will significantly expedite the check-in process and passengers who have checked in online will be able to bypass the check-in counter at the airport and they will be able to go directly to the passport and security check. The airline has also rolled out a new online booking and ticket purchasing system and redesigned its website. 

The online check-in feature allows passengers to check in for their flight, select a seat and print a boarding pass - all over the internet, without having to leave the comfort of their home or office. At the airport, passengers who have checked in online can bypass the check-in counter and go directly to passport and security control. With this convenience, travellers can arrive at the airport as late as just 35 minutes before the scheduled departure time of their flight. The online check-in feature can also be used by passengers with luggage that needs to be checked. They do this by simply dropping off their luggage at a special ‘baggage drop-off’ counter and then continuing on to the passport and security check. Czech Airlines is the first Czech air carrier to offer this service. In addition, there are seven foreign airlines that are currently offering the internet check-in option at the Prague airport.

The service is available to all CSA passengers who have purchased an e-ticket. E-tickets currently represent approximately 70% of CSA’s total ticket sales. Passengers can check-in over the internet by completing a simple, three-step process, from as early as 24 hours or as late as 35 minutes before the scheduled departure time of their flight. 

During the initial rollout of this service, the online check-in feature will be available for CSA flights originating at airports in Prague (Ruzyne), Paris (Charles de Gaulle) and Amsterdam (Schipol). “These are our priority airports in terms of both the services offered and the number of passengers. That is why we have chosen them for the initial rollout of this service,” said Petr Pi?t?lák, CSA’s Vice President for Marketing and Product Development. “Over the next two months, CSA plans to expand the availability of this service by providing it at additional airports.”

Easier Online Booking System
In addition to the online check-in option, CSA has also introduced (June 18) an easier-to-use online booking system. The new system will speed up the booking process and the online interface by which passengers access the system now has an improved and more user-friendly layout. With the new system, the total price for the ticket (excluding additional taxes and fees) is shown to the passenger during the second step in the booking process. Passengers buying tickets can select their desired type and price of ticket by choosing from one of the five fare packages offered by the system. CSA’s main website - - now also sports a new design.


Improvement of Web-Based Services Will Continue Throughout 2007
All of the newly launched features are part of the first stage of an effort to improve the quality of CSA’s online services. Further improvements to the online features that are available to CSA’s online customers will follow later in the year. In September, the airline plans to upgrade the organization and contents of its website, making it easier to use and more informative. In the second half of the year, CSA also plans to further improve its online booking system in order to allow passengers purchasing a ticket to see the total price of the ticket - including all additional charges - in an earlier stage of the booking process.