Icelandair rolls out flexible fare structure

Effective June 21, Icelandair will implement a simplified pricing structure for travel to and from Iceland. The new structure is more passenger friendly with increased flexibility and convenience, based on the air fare travelers are willing to pay, their particular needs and service requirements.

There will be four airfare categories: “Saga,” “Economy Flex,” “Economy” and “Best Price,” which includes “Special Offers.”

All air fares will be combinable, allowing passengers to fly one way in one category and return in another, enabling them to take full advantage of the best air fares available at the time of booking and their personal preferences.

Icelandair “Saga” passengers will retain the most flexibility and the highest service levels with priority check-in and seat selection, airport lounge facilities, extra baggage allowance and easier cancellation and itinerary change rules as well as one-way fares, combinable fares, and additional Frequent Flyer points (four times more than lowest economy fare).

“Economy Flex” passengers will receive similar benefits with flexible cancellation, itinerary change and seat selection options as well as one-way and combinable fares and additional Frequent Flyer points (50% more than lowest economy fare).


“Economy” passengers will enjoy one-way and combinable fares, choice of seating and minimal charges for itinerary changes and cancellations. They also will receive additional Frequent Flyer points (25% more than lowest economy fare).

Price sensitive passengers will find the new one-way and combinable fares particularly advantageous to their needs under the “Best Price” category, which will still qualify for Frequent Flyer points. Occasional “Special Offers” will be less flexible and will provide the absolute lowest airfares.

The new fare structure to and from Iceland will be uniform in all Icelandair offices in the United States, Canada, Iceland, Scandinavia, Great Britain and Continental Europe.