Travel website offers wine tours

The unique travel website, Winerybound, allows visitors to create their own wine tours.

Wineries, restaurants, and lodging facilities across the United States list their services on Winerybound’s website and visitors can access that information free of charge to create their own unique wine tours.

“After extensive research and testing, we found that people wanted a better way to plan their vacations,” says the site’s founder, Heather Ann Truchot. “Winerybound is a great tool for learning about wine regions and wineries across the United States. With the knowledge they’ve learned, visitors can then plan out their own personalized wine tours.”

Users browse more than 15,000 restaurants, lodging facilities, and wineries, and add destinations through the “My Getaway” feature. With the Google API, Winerybound has created a product that gives travelers the ability to plot their wine tour by providing maps of wine regions in all 50 states. The interface then maps their personalized trip, connecting each stop along the way.

“This is very exciting since the growth of wineries and wine-related tourism has increased greatly in the United States,” says Heather Ann Truchot. “Most people don’t realize how close in proximity they are to a local winery. Winerybound helps them make the initial discovery and makes it easy for visitors to become passionate about the wine lifestyle.”