Althoff to manage London’s St. James’s Hotel

Starting January 2008 Althoff Hotels will open the St. James Hotel & Club in Mayfair. The established hotel with 61 rooms and suites is currently being completely renovated. So far the German hotel group based in Cologne includes 7 luxury hotels in Germany and France. The international expansion of the group already started with the takeover of Villa Belrose in St. Tropez and is now continued with the St. James Hotel & Club.

According to Althoff’s corporate philosophy, quality and individuality have to be noticeable in all areas, because a good hotel is above all not just a place to stay for a short amount of time, but somewhere to experience a positive sense of well-being. The ‘Althoff guest’ places particular value on individuality, on uniqueness and on distinctiveness. This new style of holistic hotel was coined by Althoff, in order to fulfill current and unusual demands.

Thomas Althoff: “We are happy to include the St. James’s Hotel and Club in our collection. Here the three pillars of our business strategy are being reflected perfectly: architecture & design, customized service on a high-quality level as well as extraordinary gastronomy”.

Located in the best part of London, the St. James’s Hotel and Club is only a short distance from Buckingham Palace and in close vicinity to the exclusive shops of Old-Bond Street. The musical theatres in the West End are also close by.

The upper floors of the hotel offer an outstanding panoramic view over London’s historical buildings. All rooms and suites will have state-of-the-art technology and exquisite furnishings. The design is modelled on a classic British style with masterful design elements.


The gastronomy concept of the hotel will be in line with the Althoff standard. Althoff is operating several awarded Restaurants; two of them are awarded with three Michelin stars each and are told to be the best within the European gourmet scene: the Restaurant of Dieter Müller in the Schlosshotel Lerbach and the one of Joachim Wissler named “Vend™me” in the Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg close to Cologne.