Air France-KLM endorses U.S., EU eco-drive

Air France-KLM, comprises of two airlines which have been committed to sustainable development for a very long time. Airlines and manufacturers of aircraft and engines have been facing environmental challenges for several years, if only due to the convergence of their strategic priorities (fuel savings) and their ecological responsibilities (impact of air transport on climate change).  Already, Air France-KLM has taken active measures to limit the impact of its operations on the environment.  Thanks to its healthy financial situation, the Group has been, and is still able to invest massively (between 1.1 and 1.5 billion euros a year from 2007 to 2011).  These investments improve the energy efficiency of its fleet and reduce its fuel consumption, which is the direct cause of its CO2 emissions, as well as its noise energy levels.

In addition, Air France-KLM wishes to take part in the implementation of innovative solutions in the field of air traffic control.  The Group endorses all European projects which would enable it to minimize flight delays, shorten air routes and simplify arrival and departure flight paths, thereby leading to reduced flight times and emissions (European Single Sky, SESAR project, etc.).

This is why the Group is endorsing the American and European initiatives to improve the environmental performance of its transatlantic flights. Air France-KLM would like to take part in evaluating Çgreen routesÈ between its home bases in Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Schiphol and the North American destinations its airlines serve, in conjunction with the air navigation authorities and services on both continents. The prime aim of these measures is to guarantee optimum en route flight paths, in complete safety, in order to minimize CO2 emissions on all transatlantic flights.     

More generally, Air France-KLM supports all research conducted by its suppliers, namely in the field of new technologies applied to aeronautical design. Both airlines also take part in the European research programs that measure the atmosphere (MOZAIC and IAGOS projects).

Finally,  Air France-KLM confirms its support of the Kyoto Protocol and to the integration of air transport in the European Emissions Trading System according to realistic and pragmatic conditions.  The principle of this system, proposed by the European Commission, seems to be the best possible solution to control the impact of air transport on climate change, without compromising the development of a business sector that is vital for the world economy.