Saudi Airlines, Worldspan ink deal

Saudi Arabian Airlines has entered into a multi-year technology services agreement with global travel technology provider Worldspan, L.P. Through the agreement, Worldspan is assisting Saudi Arabian Airlines in transforming its ticketing process and positioning the carrier for growth in the challenging airline environment. Worldspan’s technology solution for Saudi Arabian Airlines includes a global e-ticketing platform and advanced distribution capabilities.

Saudi Arabian Airlines is adopting Worldspan’s comprehensive suite of E-Ticket Technologies, which will give the airline its first total e-ticketing solution to process e-tickets worldwide, participate in interline electronic ticketing (IET) agreements with other airlines, support IET processes with ground handlers, and improve customer service. The Worldspan ETDBase, an e-ticket database hosting service, will enable Saudi Arabian Airlines to store and process e-tickets globally from any GDS, travel retailer and e-ticket-enabled airline, as well as its own internal system. The Worldspan Interchange will provide the airline access to the industry’s leading interline e-ticketing platform, which currently processes interline e-tickets for nearly 170 airlines and ground handlers worldwide.

“Worldspan’s expertise and cost-saving technologies will help transition Saudi Arabian Airlines into a more advanced and efficiently operated airline,” said Yousef Attiah, vice president - Customer Service, Saudi Arabian Airlines. “Their innovative e-ticketing solutions will enable us to expedite compliance with IATA’s electronic ticketing mandate, easily implement IET agreements with partner airlines, and realise significant opportunities for increased revenues.”

“We are pleased to become an IT solutions provider for Saudi Arabian Airlines,” said Kevin Ficco, Worldspan vice president - Airline Distribution and Business Development. “By adopting our proven e-ticket and distribution technologies, the airline will greatly enhance its revenue accounting, departure control and other mission-critical operations.”

Worldspan’s solutions will complement Saudi Arabian Airlines’ existing platform. To support its new IT infrastructure and maximise distribution capabilities, the airline is upgrading its participation to Worldspan Airline SourceSM. Airline Source will present the airline’s flights, availability and fares to Worldspan-connected travel buyers in a real-time, interactive booking environment.