NBTA in security drive

The National Business Travel
Association (NBTA), is signing an agreement with iJET Intelligent Risk
Systems to
make cutting-edge travel risk management tools available to NBTA
members. The NBTA Foundation will incorporate iJET’s Travel Risk
Management Maturity Model(tm) (TRM3(tm)) metrics into its Managed Travel
Index(r) (MTI) & Benchmarking Tool, and make iJET’s TRM3 white paper
available at no cost to NBTA members.

Developed by iJET in collaboration with NBTA and others in the travel
industry, TRM3 is an innovative framework that enables businesses and
other organizations to quantitatively assess how well risk management
practices are incorporated into their managed travel programs.
Quantifying this risk will also allow travel managers to benchmark their
managed travel programs against others in the marketplace.

“NBTA and the NBTA Foundation look forward to introducing the TRM3 to
our members,” said Bill Connors, NBTA Executive Director & COO. “The
data we collect through this partnership and the addition of TRM3 to the
NBTA Foundation Managed Travel Index & Benchmarking Tool will advance
the industry well into the future.”