JetQuay unveils Singapore terminal service

Air passengers flying on any commercial class can now experience the expediency and efficiency of flying by private jet through the use of JetQuay’s stand-alone CIP terminal in Singapore.Entitled passengers or members may arrive at the “airline-neutral” terminal one hour before their flight departs and enjoy five star services and facilities whilst their boarding passes are produced and their baggage is checked in. Passengers are escorted for departure through the in-house Customs, Immigration, Quarantine and Security services, the ‘CIQS’ in airline parlance, and are then conveyed by limousine on the tarmac or by electric buggy to the airbridge.

Terminal facilities include a fully equipped boardroom, private meeting rooms, wireless internet access in the lounge area, a business centre, a gym, spa, showers and smoking areas. Nap rooms can be reserved or used on a first come-first serve basis. Meals, snacks and drinks are provided. Notably, executive managers traveling from, for example London to Sydney, can meet their Singapore management in transit using JetQuay’s private meeting rooms or conference room and without requiring the local team to clear immigration.

JetQuay’s services are three tiered. The premium ‘Quayside’ and ‘Jetside’ services are conducted through the CIP terminal with its private drive-in entrance. Premium services include the departure service and an arrival service. Arrivals are met off the air-bridge at the gate by a rep holding a signboard with the traveler’s name and are whisked away by buggy inside the terminal to the JetQuay entrance, where they clear in-house immigration and customs, and relax in the lounge while a staff member retrieves their luggage as it is unloaded off the aircraft. When ready, the passenger is escorted with their baggage to a waiting limousine or taxi outside the CIP terminal and transported to their destination.

The key differentiator for the ‘Jetside’ service is that passengers travel via limousine on the tarmac to the aircraft or CIP Terminal. ‘Jetside’ is ideal for those for whom privacy is paramount, allowing them to bypass crowded terminals altogether. Given the numerous security clearance arrangements needed for this type of service, it is a privilege for the true traveling elite.

The third service, at entry level is ‘Gateway’ a ‘meet and greet’ service where passengers are either met at the air-bridge or kerbside. Passengers travel by electric buggy, are escorted through immigration and either assisted at baggage claim and led to their ground transportation or are taken to their lounge or departure gate.


Wholesale partners such as hotels, airlines, travel agents, hospitals, and professional conference organisers can buy JetQuay’s services for resale purposes while corporations and individuals may buy memberships and purchase credits for the fees per visit and additional services.