KDS CEO says self-booking tools are dead

Yves Weisselberger, CEO and co-founder of KDS, will speak about the rise of integrated Travel & Expense (‘T&E’) systems when he takes part in the Institute of Travel Management’s Focus Forum on automated expense management in London on 20th June.  As a panelist in a session entitled ‘SBT Utopia - The Battle with Technology’, Weisselberger will explain how companies are increasingly turning to integrated solutions as opposed to single-function legacy systems to deliver much needed cost savings and efficiencies.

In the panel session, Weisselberger will join senior executives from Airbus, Expedia and Amadeus as they consider the opportunities and challenges of adopting the latest T&E technology, as well as effective strategies to encourage high user adoption rates.  In his remarks, Weisselberger will confirm the recommendations of a recently published research note from Gartner, which emphasises the vital importance of business process change and cross-organisational best practice in unlocking the full potential of T&E solutions.

KDS, the European market leader in integrated Travel & Expense systems, has been a pioneer of end-to-end solutions that enable companies to manage both their travel bookings and expense management online.  End-to-end solutions improve travel policy compliance, increase process efficiency and deliver significant savings in corporate travel budgets.

Yves Weisselberger said: “KDS strongly believes that integrated systems represent the future for travel and expense management.  We are delighted that the ITM is hosting this forum, as it will provide a timely platform to discuss the advantages of true end-to-end technologies and the most effective ways to maximise user adoption and benefits across the organisation.”