One in five Brits lose phone on holiday

One in five people would be more upset at losing their mobile phone on holiday than losing their passport, travel tickets or even money reveals a new survey commissioned by take over 60 Million trips abroad each year and few of us would leave home without our mobile phones, but what makes them such valuable possessions?

The new survey proves it’s not the expensive, new handsets people are attached to, over half the respondents were more distraught at losing the numbers stored in the phone than losing the phone itself. Once lost it’s difficult to replace mobile phone contacts; “You can’t just go into a shop and replace them”, said one respondent.

The survey reveals that of those who have lost phones 25% of us take a week to restore all our contacts, 28% take a month, 18% take six months and 28% are still trying!

So where should we be most vigilant?

The top ten ways to lose your mobile on holiday are:


1.    In the hotel
2.    On the plane
3.    In a nightclub / bar
4.    In the sea / swimming pool
5.    In a taxi
6.    Leaving it in a restaurant
7.    Hidden / lost by children
8.    At the airport
9.    Out shopping
10.    Bag snatched

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