Caribbean Airline in green focus

Caribbean Airlines has embarked on a new initiative to provide sustainable air travel, with the introduction of the CarbonNeutral® programme.  In partnership with the CarbonNeutral Company, Caribbean Airlines offers passengers the opportunity to offset airline carbon emissions by investing in eco-friendly projects such as renewable energy and reforestation.

Passengers can participate in Caribbean Airlines’ quest to “go green” with the CAL CarbonNeutral® flight plan, designed in accordance with the CarbonNeutral® protocol, the leading standard and quality mark for action on climate change. Caribbean Airlines customers can visit and calculate flight emissions based on their destinations and then ‘neutralise’ them by contributing to community projects which are reducing levels of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

Caribbean Airlines CEO, Peter Davies states, “Caribbean Airlines is committed to reducing the carbon impact of its flights upon the environment and we are delighted to be the first air carrier in the region to offer customers the choice to go carbon neutral. Since our launch on January 1 2007, we have achieved an 80% e-ticketing rate; with 5 interline e-ticket partners to provide paperless travel. We have also invested in installing winglets on our Boeing 737, to increase the efficiency of our aircraft and reduce the CO2 produced saving at least 4,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions this year alone. We are proud that our passengers can partner with us in choosing how their carbon offsets are applied.”