Reitan leaves SAS post

Gunnar Reitan, Executive Vice President of SAS and head of the business
area Individually Branded Airlines, will leave his position on August 15,
2007, at his own request.Gunnar Reitan has been employed at SAS since 1988, and has held several
senior positions, including the position of SAS Group CFO from 1993 to
2002. He was also responsible for the Group’s hotel operations and Chairman
of Rezidor SAS until the stock-exchange listing of the company in November

Gunnar Reitan has been a member of SAS Group Management and Executive Vice
President since 1993, as well as Acting CEO during the period
August-December 2006.

“I want to thank Gunnar for fulfilling the role of Acting CEO during the
second half of 2006 in a commendable manner. With his solid experience, he
held the operations together with a steady hand and ensured that we did not
lose pace in our strongly competitive industry,” says Mats Jansson,
President and CEO.

“Gunnar has also been a key person in the Group in terms of building up our
airlines in markets outside Scandinavia, particularly in the Baltic States.
I wish Gunnar Reitan the best of luck with his new challenges in the
business sector.”

Gunnar Reitan comments:
“I have had interesting and challenging assignments for many years in SAS
Group Management. I look back on this time with satisfaction and appreciate
the many rich experiences, particularly in the international arena. Now
when I am leaving the SAS Group, I want to wish the operation and its many
skilled employees the best of luck on the their journey in an exciting and
challenging industry.”


Responsibility for the business area Individually Branded Airlines will
rest with the CEO in future.