ADTA participates in Hong Kong travel expo

Al Muhairi: Participating in ITE Hong Kong is recognition of the significance of Asian tourism markets. The Director General of the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, Mubarak Hamad Al Muhairi, has said that the first appearance of the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) at the 21st International Travel Expo (ITE) which opens at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from June 14 to 17, seeks to boost the Emirate of Abu Dhabi’s presence on the world’s most significant tourism market, adding that ADTA’s participation in the annual show followed a series of great successes achieved by the Abu Dhabi tourism sector, which is currently enjoying a major boom.

Al Muhairi cited, in this regard, the international recognition for Abu Dhabi as reflected in the emirate’s winning two international awards, including the ‘Best New Tourist Destination’ for Abu Dhabi, while ADTA won ‘the Best Tourism Promotion Agency’ award at this year’s World Travel Award.

He pointed out that Abu Dhabi, for the past three years, continues to record new remarkable growth rates in the number of visitors to the emirate and also in terms of revenue being generated by the tourism sector. He said this had led to the sharp rise in investment in the tourism sector, which continues to have very promising future.

He noted that Abu Dhabi was making its debut in the ITE Hong Kong, which is being held in an area that has about one third of the world’s population and the most promising market for international tourism in the years ahead. He said ADTA’s participation in the event reflects Abu Dhabi’s commitment to diversify the source of its tourists to meet the major objectives of its tourism sector.

Also commenting on ADTA’s participation in the expo, the Director of ADTA’s Marketing Division, Ali Ahmed Al Hosani, said his outfit’s participation in the ITE Hong Kong followed ADTA’s success in making remarkable appearances in a number of international tourism markets, including great appearances in countries like Britain, Germany and other major European markets.


‘It’s obvious that Asian markets have become very important due to their huge human resources, the high economic growth rates they continue to achieve and the increasingly high standard of living which led to a sharp increase in spending on travel and tour,’ he explained

Al Hosani cited China’s growing economic strength, which, he said, harbours a lot for the global economy, and the tourism sector, in particular.

He said 20% of China’s about 1.3 billion population is from the middle class, who regard travel and tour as an integral part of their life. ‘Statistically, the average income of a Chinese family is around US$35,000 per annum. About 25 million Chinese hold credit cards, while the income of 10% - 15% of these credit card holders is spent on travel and tourism and related products,’ he said, quoting a World Travel Organisation statistics.

Co-exhibitors under ADTA pavilion include Emirates Palace Hotel, Etihad Airways, Safe Travel Agency and representatives of Abu Dhabi-based media houses and other tourist bodies.

The ITE Hong Kong is one of the world’s major tourism expos, having proven itself as an effective platform for tourism promotion on the ever-growing Asian market. ITE Hong Kong is also an important platform for the sharing of ideas and information, as well as for business transactions.

Six hundred and twenty exhibitors, including 45 national pavilions, from 55 countries took part in last year’s show which attracted 10,500 corporate and trade visitors, over 55,000 visitors from the general public and 640 media persons who covered the four-day event.

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