launches new software is implementating the newest version of its Logistics software package.

The new software edition increases the efficiency of’s Logistics software, providing “intelligent float” logistics for air operators to fly point to point in patterns that best position their fleets, and giving customers more and better jet choices at market driven prices.  The new issue provides more efficiency via 24/7 logistics to aide operators with filling point to point trips and empty legs anytime they need it, anywhere in the world.

“For the past eight years, has been helping jet operators locate paying passengers to fill idle and empty leg time in their jets. Our online technology has also made it possible for paying passengers to select the jet of their choice in the most efficient, online manner possible. This, our latest technology version takes the online charter concept of the floating fleet - an idea that we pioneered for the charter industry in 1999 - one step further, by providing more efficient online support for operators and more private jet choices for customers.” said Nathan McKelvey CEO and Founder of

No matter where a jet may be located, can find a paying passenger to move the jet to wherever it needs to be next. Whether it has to go back to home-base for another trip, or stay on the road to maximize the charter revenue for the jet owner, has the most advanced tracking technology and the most experienced logistics team available to help.

The program brings together buyers who want to book private jet charter with the highest quality charter operators in the world. Through, jet operators post the anticipated locations of their jets directly from their electronic schedule boards along with their pricing information. matches jet operator availability to customer requests to maximize charter revenue for the jet owner and to create much more affordable one-way pricing for the client.


Providing the extreme customer service, market-driven pricing, and a policy of transparency in regard to safety, pilot competency, and operator records,’s unique online system enables customers to select a different, specific jet each time they fly. It also allows them to get detailed safety reports on their pilots and plane, review customer surveys on trip experience with jets and crews, learn about cabin set-up and amenities via an online 360-degree photo tour of each jet, and obtain market-driven pricing for their trips through’s online auction for air operators.