Former Expedia execs launch

In response to an ever increasing demand from
travellers, four former managers from Expedia Europe have founded the
new website.By enabling internet users to find their hotel
among 1500 hotels in 25 European destinations, via its own
professionally filmed video clips, is rejuvenating the world
of e-tourism linking video, travel and Web 2.0.

For the first time in online tourism history, you can now choose your
hotel in Europe by watching video-clips:
Who has never been disappointed when booking a hotel on the Internet? Or
arriving by taxi and seeing the area around the hotel isn’t quite what
you expected? The room seems smaller than in the photos and if only you
had seen the gym before! ensures you can avoid these kinds of
unpleasant surprises. For the first time ever, travellers can visit
their hotel online before booking. It’s almost as if they were already

Exclusive information and professional films
Tvtrip recruited professional teams in each city to produce short and
informative video clips. These films - that Tvtrip financed to guarantee
their objectivity - show the various types of rooms, the facilities
(meeting room, gym spa…) as well as the area surrounding the hotel.
The website also saves travellers time by allowing them to book their
hotel with partners such as Booking and Venere.

A unique on-line travel community is developing an on-line community which will allow
travellers to share their opinions and upload their own video clips. As
a result, hotels will also gain a valuable insight on their clientele.

An ambitious project
TV trip will offer an impressive library of 1500 videos, including 25
European destinations and 75% of European travellers. The destinations
included are London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome
Amsterdam and Prague. In June, will launch local versions in
the United Kingdom (, in France (, in Germany
(, in Spain ( and in Italy ( Each website
will be available in the local language and the contents will be adapted
in order to better serve the specific needs of travellers in each


A team of travel and internet experts was founded by 4 former managers of
Expedia Europe: Marc Ruff (former Vice President Europe), Fabien
Bourdier (former managing director France), Marc Pfohl (former marketing
director France) and Anja Keckeisen (former managing director Germany).
Marc Ruff and Fabien Bourdier have been working together in the tourist
industry for more than twelve years, most notably at Air France and
Lufthansa in France, Spain and Germany. Marc Pfohl was online marketing
manager at Lycos and then worked at, before joining
Expedia France in 2004. Anja Keckeisen began her career in tourism,
before joining Microsoft as a Key Account Manager. She then joined
Expedia, where she was managing director Germany, for 6 years.