AgentFactor outlines efficient vision

AgentFactor is continuing to push its vision of delivering an efficient
and economical travel eco-system.“The vision for AgentFactor is that of a business eco-system whereby sellers,
buyers, developers and intermediaries interact in real-time. Prices, mark-up,
service fees, content and service levels are all worked through where each member
benefits.” Elmer Alinsog, AgentFactor's founding architect and EVP, Sales &
Partnerships stated.

AgentFactor aggregates suppliers via multiple connectivity options to build a full
spectrum of competitive travel inventory, including niche or fragmented content such
as Adventure T
ours and Yacht thereby delivering a truly unified and dynamic booking system
positioned for online marketing. Further development allows AgentFactor to create
interactive visual-data-mapping and calendar-driven booking tools. These scenarios
further expand the possibilities of the buy-side and sell-side travel
marketplace where clients, partners and ultimately, the consumer benefits.

“We believe that creating a travel eco-system will create the next generation of
travel products and sales channels beyond what the Internet brought in the late
1990's. Our plan is to connect them one client, one partner at a time.” Jim
Menge, AgentFactor's CEO added.