TravelRes expands hotel content

TravelRes has reported that it is growing by 1.500 new hotels every month. Reflecting this growth TravelRes has confirmed this month that the latest UK hotel groups to go live on the system are: Oxford Hotels & Inns (60); McKever Hotels (20 Scotland); and Metro Inns (5).

As an agent between customers on the demand side and hotels on the supply side, TravelRes provides a comprehensive and technically-innovative, internet-based, free-of- charge, hotel reservation service. TravelRes offers UK business customers (and private) the opportunity to book hotels of all categories throughout the world at preferred rates.

Says TravelRes Managing Director, Philipp Dostal: “It is particularly rewarding that our extensive choice of hotels worldwide is on the increase, ranging from the affordable brands like Oxford Hotels & Inns, McKever Hotels and Metro Inns, to Leading Hotels of the World and Von Essen Hotels at the higher end. This, I believe, can be attributed to the reputation we are building as offering considerable benefits to the hotel industry.”

It was in September last year when the UK/London operation was first set up as part of parent company’s international development programme under the domain name