Czech speeds up check-in

From this month, Czech Airlines is accelerating the check-in of some of its Economy Class passengers.  Economy Class passengers travelling with flexible tickets, which CSA newly offers under the name ‘Economy Premium’, will be able to check in for their flights at the counters reserved for Business Class.  This will lead to increased comfort, as well as speed up their check-in.  The Business Class counters have sufficient capacity to accommodate the better-paying Economy Class passengers, without any impact on the smoothness of the checking-in of Business Class passengers.

CSA introduced the Economy Premium price product in May, with its new, clearer tariff structure.  The structure divides tariffs and ticket types into five categories, depending on the options that each ticket provides.  Passengers thus encounter the Business Premium, Business, Economy Premium, Economy, and Value Special price packages.  The new Economy Premium product is designed for those passengers who need a flexible ticket that offers the opportunity to rebook at no extra charge, at any time, for a different date, or to cancel the ticket altogether.

Aside from a full refund, i.e., the possibility of returning the ticket without a cancellation fee, and of changing the departure date at any time, Economy Premium offers members of the OK Plus frequent flyer programme the possibility of earning a greater number of miles than a regular Economy Class passenger would receive.  A complete novelty is the possibility of checking in at the counter hitherto reserved for Business Class, which is being offered from 1 June.

Passengers will be checked in faster and can therefore arrive at the airport within a shorter time of their flight.  In spite of that, Czech Airlines still recommends that its passengers be at the airport 1.5 to two hours prior to departure on European flights, and three hours on transatlantic flights.

Another innovation which Czech Airlines is preparing in association with Prague Airport - the so-called Fast Track, expedited passage through the Airport, will significantly accelerate the check-in of Business Class passengers.  A sticker put on the ticket of all of CSA’s Business Class passengers will ensure them priority handling at passport and customs checks, and when boarding the aircraft.  Expedited passage through Prague Airport will be available to CSA Business Class passengers from the summer.