MeetingsTelevision set to launch

Meetings Television,
LLC and OnSite Events will jointly launch on August 1, 2007. This new website will move the
meetings and event industry into the future by offering a comprehensive set
of tools to make the process of global site selection and meeting planning
faster, easier and more effective than it has ever been before—saving
both planners and hoteliers time and money. will feature a unique set of online tools to
make the process of global site selection more streamlined, including:
  —On demand video site inspections of a wide range of worldwide hotels
    and resorts that can meet your client’s every need ...from the
    comfort of your office or home.

  —The ability to schedule one on one meetings with properties using our
    state of the art online meeting center known as the MTLive.

  —The use of industry leading tools that allow planners to e-mail video
    of multiple properties to colleagues, committees and anyone else
    involved in the site selection process.

  —A full listing of event industry partners to assist in the procurement
    of A/V, transportation, destination management companies and other
    event and meeting related services.

  —An industry forum that allows planners to share ideas, ask questions
    and talk about news items that are shaping the global events industry.
  —The blog that will feature news, facts and
    helpful hints that can impact the world of meeting and event planners.

  —Input from nationally recognized experts in the meetings and events
    field who will help shape the content and direction of Meetings
    Television and its programs.

  —A growing community that will help guide the meetings and event
    industry into the 21st century and beyond.
  A site inspection from the comfort of your office; that is
  “Meetings Television has brought together an amazing group of talented
individuals whose only goal is to help meeting and event planners produce
better events,” says Keith Johnston, Meetings Television’s Group Vice
President. “Everyone on the team has an extensive event and hospitality
background, which makes Meetings Television truly unique.” will utilize ISAT technology from Performance
Communications Group (PCG) to seamlessly deliver both live and recorded
online video in a secured online environment. The patent-pending ISAT
solution integrates multimedia, security, portability and advertisers’
eBusiness processes into one online user experience. ISAT guarantees the
delivery of live and recorded audio, video and animation assets directly
integrated with their associated content. It provides a two-way conduit
that supports broadcasting, allowing the administrator to send information
directly to the viewer without having to wait for the viewer to request it.
  “In addition to providing the solution for our video needs, the ISAT
platform also includes a video conferencing suite that we are able to use
to create Meetings Television Live (MTLive), enabling planners and hotels
to connect live online,” says Greg Buhl, Meetings Television’s VP,
Interactive Strategies.