Delta rolls out video podcasts

Delta Air Lines is sharing with worldwide customers the travel experience of its most seasoned and well-travelled flight attendants and employees to create SiteSeer Travelcast, a unique series of complimentary downloadable mini travel shows. With an average of nearly 20 years of experience, Delta employees - composed primarily of flight attendants - double as personal guides who share their expertise and experience through entertaining and insightful virtual tours that offer undiscovered, eccentric and, even, money-saving information about each city.

Starting today, individuals can download the new SiteSeer Travelcast videos, the first ever custom created travel podcast series from an airline, that feature Boston, Brussels, Los Angeles, Mumbai, New York, Orlando and Seoul, at

“SiteSeer Travelcast is a perfect example of how the ‘new Delta’ is dedicated to rethinking every moment of the travel experience, including the itinerary for the destination itself,” says Tim Mapes, Delta’s vice president of Marketing. “Through a simple online trip, travellers can quickly know more from the people who go more by obtaining helpful, unique and moneysaving tips from Delta’s travel professionals.”

“I’ve been giving travel tips to passengers and friends both in the air and on the ground for more than 20 years,” says David Lang, an Orlando based Delta Flight Attendant who serves as a guide. “With SiteSeer Travelcast’s downloadable video podcasts, I can now reach even more customers with my travel tips who can carry them all on their MP3 players.”

The Brussels’ podcast informs viewers that the Place de Chatelain hotel hosts a Wednesday evening street market where wine samples are free for travellers who return a tasting glass acquired for a mere $2 deposit. The New York SiteSeer Travelcast discloses that the original Macy’s offers an 11 percent discount coupon for tourists (with valid identification). Delta’s virtual tour guides also demonstrate that a city’s authentic flavour doesn’t have to break the bank, as travellers learn they can sample inexpensive, yet rich, regional delicacies such as Mumbai’s fruit dessert “pan” and Brussels Pierre Marcolini “couture” chocolate.