Travel search engine unveiled

A new business search engine
that connects ready-to-buy consumers with local service pros has launchedThe Road Trip Guide is packed with
services from car rental companies to hotels to pet sitters. What’s more,
helpful tip sheets, like how to rent a car or find a mechanic you can
trust, give consumers the know-how they need to accelerate their summer
travel planning.
  As consumers gear up for their trips, they’re covering all of the bases
to ensure safe travels. From April to May, tracked a staggering
55 percent increase in auto repair searches. Recreational searches
increased by 40 percent, indicating that consumers are ramping up for
summer fun.
  “Vacation planning should be a pleasure, not a hassle,” says Tom Bates,
vice president and general manager of “With the Road
Trip Guide, consumers have a destination for trustworthy information about
a wide variety of services that meet their travel planning needs. Need to
get your car fixed, rent a car or RV, get plane tickets; reserve a hotel, B
& B or campground, find gas stations along your route or attractions at
your destination? lists these services, and more, with photos,
maps, videos and special discounts with email and website links. Our
customer ratings and reviews help consumers make more informed decisions.”