Netpreneur launches travel blog

A backpacker has launched a user generated travel TV show, feature film, and a slew of book/guidebook writing projects (
Eric Odom, 27 year old “Director of Internet Operations’ for a non-profit public advocacy group in Nevada, says networks such as Discovery’s Travel Channel are shunning millions of travelers who wish to see the world as it really is, not as corporate America wishes for it to be shown.

“There are millions of travelers who leave their homes every year seeking adventure, off the beaten path journeys, and life changing experiences”, said Odom. “The travel industry is catering to its bloated overhead and gives us a false sense of reality on what it’s all about.”

Odom is challenging the industry by launching what he calls “Travel 2.0”, a term he coined after careful study of the Web 2.0 phenomenon. “We’re taking old traditional entertainment out of the hands of corporations, and we’re putting it into the hands of the travelers themselves.”

The new venture, Globe Roamer TV, is getting ready to announce its first project. The project, dubbed “Earth Bound” will take six travelers on an around the world journey. The adventure will be filmed and published online in a Reality TV/Documentary format. The entire operation will be web based, eliminating the need for overhead, network ratings, and other factors that cause first generation travel media to fail in their attempt to portray travel in its full form.

GRTV has teamed up with Frosty Palm Studios ( and a Discovery Channel “5 Takes” travel journalist and film maker to form the production crew of the project.


p>“We believe a revolution is taking place in the media world and we look forward to bringing the travel realm into this movement”, said Odom.

Eric Odom can be reached for interviews or more information as [email protected] More information, cast and crew information can be found at