Dohop upgrades search engine

Dohop has announced enhancements to it’s Dohop Flight Planner - new flight search engine delivers enhanced usability features making travel planning easier than before. Initial listing of search results has been streamlined to help users identify the itineraries that best match their needs. Results can be filtered and sorted by several parameters such as take off and landing times.

Sorting results by duration is useful, but Dohop has introduced a feature that ranks results by several qualities at once. The rank is calculated for each itinerary based on its price, waiting time, overall duration, number of stops, and preferred route. For many users, time is money. A cheap flight that requires a stopover and takes most of the day is often less feasible than a slightly more expensive non-stop flight.

“Finding the best flights should be as easy as a walk on the beach.” says Frosti Sigurjonsson, CEO and co-founder of Dohop, “The new and upgraded Dohop search engine is a major leap towards that goal. It delivers faster and more comprehensive results than ever, and displays them in easy to use format for travelers.”

Dohop is especially good at finding cheap one-way flights. Dohop search includes over 100 low cost airlines that do not punish travelers for buying only a one-way ticket. Similarly, Dohop excels at finding return flights that do not require a weekend stay, sometimes saving hundreds of dollars per trip, and allowing travelers to arrange their travel plans around their business schedule and family life, instead of the other way around. Dohop also helps travelers find good flights to and from secondary airports that add more flight options to choose from, often at a better price.