CAIXA and TAM launch partnership

The Caixa Economica
Federal and TAM Linhas Aereas have launched a partnership making it
possible to pay for airline tickets at lottery ticket outlets. Passengers
will have to make reservations online or by calling the company.  CAIXA and TAM are partnering in order to make life for travelers much
easier by offering an innovative service that adds greater efficiency to
sales relations with customers, supplementing today’s electronic payment
options in an easy, safe and creative manner.
  CAIXA is offering Brazilians a fast and easy payment option, with
online purchase confirmation, available at more than 9,000 lottery outlets
throughout Brazil with staggered service hours. “Besides a high-quality,
low-cost service, we have a broad distribution network with outlets in
every Brazilian city and located in the best commercial locations in state
capitals, which is certain to go a long way toward meeting the objectives
of the partnership,” says Fabio Lenza, Vice President for Banking Affairs
  “We hope to reach an audience that does not own a credit card but can
afford the promotional fares offered by TAM,” says Libano Barroso, Vice
President for Finance and Management and Director of Investor Relations.
  Company executives agree that new business could emerge from the
partnership that will help leverage the country’s tourism development,
saying CAIXA and TAM offer strategically complementary products and
services that can stimulate activities in the sector, such as those geared
toward tourism for the elderly.
  Blazing trails in online retail transactions - Beyond its pioneering
efforts in the areas of online transactions for the transfer and licensing
of vehicles, as well as payment of phone, water and utility bills, CAIXA
will, through the agreement, see its position consolidated even further as
an innovative company in providing solutions for electronic payment for the
most diverse business and governmental areas.