WebCams bring in Bonaire traffic

Caribbean WebCams has announced that it has successfully
installed a new Bonaire ReefCam on the island of Bonaire, joining the
upgraded original Bonaire ReefCam which has been in Bonaire’s waters
entertaining millions of Internet viewers for nearly seven
years.The new Bonaire Pier ReefCam resides in a protected area
under the pier at Bonaire’s Eden Beach Resort in only about 1.6 meters/5
feet of water, while the original ReefCam has been remounted and upgraded
and now shows views across the hull of the Bakanal, a sunken yacht located
at approximately 19 meters/60 feet of depth. As such, the original ReefCam
has been re-christened the Bonaire Wreck ReefCam.
Additionally, the
three land-based Bonaire WebCams located at the Eden Beach Resort have
also been upgraded and recabled to provide long term use and viewing
pleasure, and join three other land-based WebCams on Bonaire: the
DonkeyCam, the WindsurfCam, and the DowntownCam.
“With eight live
WebCams on Bonaire running day in and day out, we figure Bonaire has the
highest per capita public WebCam ratio of any island in the Caribbean, if
not the world. And Bonaire also only has the only long-term permanent open
ocean ReefCam installations anywhere. Tens of thousands of people view our
WebCams from all over, and we regularly get e-mails and thanks from people
who discovered the snorkeling and diving paradise of Bonaire via our
WebCams and now vacation here regularly,” said Jake Richter, a Bonaire
resident and Chief Operating Officer and Chief Diver of Caribbean WebCams
LLC, owner of the Bonaire WebCams web site and a majority of the WebCams
on display.
The Bonaire WebCams can be viewed at any time (although
at night, Bonaire-time, some will be dark) at,
with images being captured every minute off each camera. The site also
offers memberships to people who would like to peruse the archives of all
image captures - archives which go back as far as December 2000.