Sabre inks new Cornerstone deal

Sabre Travel
Network and Cornerstone Information Systems have signed a new agreement that reaffirms
Cornerstone’s status as a Sabre Authorized Developer.The new
agreement is the latest of agreements Sabre has recently signed with
third-party development companies, and is of particular significance
in the corporate marketplace.

  “Cornerstone provides applications and services that complement
Sabre’s portfolio of solutions to automate end-to-end corporate agency
workflow,” said Chris Kroeger, senior vice president for Sabre Travel
Network, North America. “It is important for us to focus on nurturing
close relationships with companies like Cornerstone that share our
vision of enabling best in class travel procurement results for travel
management companies.”

  TRACS and PTA are two examples of services that complement Sabre’s
commitment to end-to-end offerings for the corporate marketplace. A
key component of Sabre’s recently announced Corporate Efficiency
Formula is managing traveler behavior to maximize the number of
touchless transactions. Cornerstone’s recently announced TRACS call
tracking application assists travel agencies in driving more efficient
behavior with their clients by demonstrating opportunities to reduce
calls to the agency. And while a best-in-class process requires use of
a corporate booking tool, PTA can help bridge the gap when serving a
corporate client that requires a customized travel authorization
program, enabling agents to cut call time and provide clients with a
web based pre-travel authorization application that is customizable to
each corporation’s unique travel policy.

  “We have a long-standing relationship with Sabre and are happy to
extend that relationship with this new agreement,” said Alan Minton,
vice president of Marketing at Cornerstone. “Sabre’s approach to
working with third-party product providers makes a lot of sense to us.
You want to make sure you work with companies that are providing
products and services that enable your customers to work more
effectively and in turn better serve their customers. We are proud to
be a Sabre Authorized Developer.”

  Sabre has agreements with over 100 third-party development
companies worldwide. The new agreements reaffirm Sabre’s commitment to
ensure it has the most effective and productive relationships with
companies that provide agencies valuable, complementary products and
services which enable agencies to increase efficiency and offer
improved service for their customers.