GOL launches Cruzeiro do Sul flights

GOL launched flights to Cruzeiro do Sul, in northwest Acre. With the addition of this new destination, GOL’s daily flights from Fortaleza (CE) will reach the furthest regions of Brazil through connecting flights in Belem (PA), Manaus (AM), Porto Velho (RO) and Rio Branco (AC). Cruzeiro do Sul is the second-largest city in Acre and is the main city of the Alto Jurua region.

The city is only accessible by road during the June- August summer months via the unpaved BR-364 highway, and boats are the most common mode of transportation for people and goods.

GOL’s flights will contribute to the development of the region by offering travelers a safe, alternative form of transportation at affordable fares.

Acre’s main agricultural exports are cassavas, corn, chestnuts and beans.

The state also produces rubber and has strong lumber and furniture industries. Cruzeiro do Sul is GOL’s second destination in Acre; the Company began regular flights to the capital, Rio Branco, in August 2004.


The city’s airport, Cruzeiro do Sul International Airport, is located 14 kilometers from the city’s center and is a base for commercial jets as well as medium and large cargo aircraft.

“The launch of this new destination is a response to customer demand and will allow greater access to tourism and commercial activities in the Amazon region and neighboring countries, particularly with Peru,” says Tarcisio Gargioni, Vice President of Marketing and Services at GOL. Cruzeiro do Sul is only 250 kilometers from Pucalpa, Peru by plane.