BusinessWeek hits plane seat tray tables

Brand Connections announced today a partnership with BusinessWeek that will bring insightful and thought-provoking editorial content to airline passengers through a new medium: seat-back tray tables.
Beginning in June, BusinessWeek will be utilizing this new media platform, patented by Brand Connections, to reach business executives during a rare occasion when they are detached from their PDAs, cell phones and offices.

The BusinessWeek columns will be adhered to seatback tray tables on domestic air carriers through a patented process. The aisle, middle and center seats will each feature different BusinessWeek content that will be updated monthly.

SkyMedia will offer clients the opportunity to be the sole advertiser on a plane. Ads, which will be about the size of a two-page spread, will be placed next to the BusinessWeek columns on the tray table surface.

“BusinessWeek is among the most popular magazines read by the business traveler,” said Brian F. Martin, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Brand Connections. “Now, these travelers can simply pull down their seat-back tray table and catch up on some reading during their precious downtime. And for national advertisers, it is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to reach the busy executive for an unprecedented amount of time.”

According to Triad Research, consumers viewed tray tables with the addition of BusinessWeek content 3.4 times longer than tray tables without the content, finding the BusinessWeek tray tables 72% more likeable.


The tray tables will feature content written by some of BusinessWeek’s most popular columnists, including former GE CEO Jack Welch and his wife Suzy; the world’s most renowned wine critic, Robert M. Parker; and CNBC’s Closing Bell anchor Maria Bartiromo.

“This unique partnership with SkyMedia affords BusinessWeek a great opportunity to place our content in front of a captive audience of potential readers,” said Geoff Dodge, Publisher, BusinessWeek.

Seatback tray tables have already proven enormously successful as a communications platform. According to a recent survey of 400 airline passengers interviewed after their flight, 82 percent used their tray table, and 93 percent of those who used their tray table recalled the message.

“We are always looking to offer more to our passengers, and that is why we are excited about BusinessWeek’s partnership with Brand Connections Sky Media,” said Travis Christ, VP of Marketing for US Airways. “This innovative program allows us to provide travelers with interesting and informative content that we believe will enhance their experience with us.”

Brand Connections is one of the country’s largest providers of nontraditional media and marketing services, focused on reaching consumers in venues when and where they are most receptive. Sky Media was in test market for 2 years and rolled out nationally in economy class this past fall.

Brand Connections Sky Media is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2007 in the first-class section of more than 50,000 flights per month, where it will reach a captive audience of business executives and affluent flyers for an average of more than two-and-a-half hours.