Travizon in environmental focus

Travizon is launching its newest tool within its NexusReporting platform: Go Green! The CO2 calculator and reporting tool estimates the carbon dioxide emissions (carbon footprint) as it relates to a client’s program, based on the number of trips taken and the distance of those trips. Reports can be filtered by carrier, type of flight (short-, medium-, and long-haul), city pair, equipment type, and passenger. With the utmost in flexibility and customization, the Go Green! site displays information in a variety of formats with animated web-based graphs, downloadable PDFs, and Excel exports.

The Go Green! calculator utilizes a number of assumptions to generate an CO2 emissions estimate, which is derived from greenhouse gas emissions protocols developed by the World Resource Institute ( Travizon calculates the distance between a client’s origin and destination city, based on mileage provided by the airlines. Flights are then categorized as short-, medium-, or long haul.

For each of the three types of trips, Travizon uses a different carbon index that indicates the amount of fuel burned on average, per mile of the journey. By multiplying this index by the distance of a client’s trip, Travizon determines how much fuel was burned per passenger for that particular flight. This information is used to calculate the cost to offset the client’s carbon footprint.

As a value-added service, Travizon will manage a client’s carbon offsetting program, assisting clients in the selection of a carbon offset project that supports renewable energy programs, improves energy efficiency, and restores forests globally.