Opodo investigates celebrity culture

Online travel provider, Opodo.co.uk, has undertaken a survey looking into the impact of celebrity on our travel habits - where we go, how we dress and who we aspire to be.

Astonishingly, more than one in four of those surveyed admitted that celebrities and the destinations that they visit influence their travel.

When it comes to beachside dress sense, 68% of those men surveyed want to look like Bond star, Daniel Craig, claiming that those blue shorts definitely helped him with the ladies! David Beckham followed second in the popularity stakes, with 15% of those surveyed turned on by the white Speedos. Even the thong famed by Borat stole 5% of the votes while Jonathan Ross had 12% of the followers who found that his bold, colourful prints would certainly help get them noticed.

And it wasn’t just the men who were influenced by Bond, with 51% of those women surveyed agreeing that Ursula Andress’ celebrated, white two-piece was the style that they would choose. Surprisingly, Victoria Beckham’s beach-look lagged with only 12% idolising her kaftan and straw hat, while a surprising 20% went for function over flamboyancy, opting for the more conservative approach of Fern Britten. 17% of those surveyed meanwhile, chose Kate Moss as their beachside idol.

Those surveyed also placed their own luxury above altruistic travel, with 56% choosing 5* luxury in the Caribbean as their holiday of choice if money were no object. This is opposed to the 14% who agreed that they would rather use this money to give something back by undertaking a meaningful trip.


When it comes to film-influenced destinations, the Thailand setting of the famed backpacker film, “The Beach”, received 45% of the votes from those surveyed. One in four chose the New Zealand setting showcased in “The Lord of the Rings” and one in five would rather a buzzing city break as seen in “Lost In Translation”.