Sanofi pasteur are launching a new web site to help travellers prepare for their
trip by providing information about travel-related infectious diseases and
immunization recommendations.  Less than 10% of travellers(1) seek pre-travel information about
potential health-risks.
  The new web site is aimed at improving travellers’ awareness with
easy-to-find information about travel-related infectious diseases. It was
unveiled during a symposium centered on “How to better protect travellers”
organized by sanofi pasteur on the opening day of the 10th Conference of
the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM) held in Vancouver.
  About 1.6 billion travellers expected in 2020
  Each year, more than 800 million people travel worldwide. More than
half of them are tourists, 25% visiting friends or relatives or are
travelling for religious purposes(2). With the growth of long-haul travel
worldwide predicted at 5.4% per annum by 2020(3), the risk of exposure to
travel-related diseases is increasing.
  Over 40% of travellers develop health problems, mostly gastrointestinal
symptoms, but also respiratory symptoms, skin disorders or febrile
  Depending on the destination, duration and purpose of the trip, the
risks of infection will vary. For example, 30 to 60% of travellers to
developing countries develop travellers’ diarrhea, by far the most common
disease experienced by travellers to such countries.
  Aside of diarrhea, travellers may suffer from more serious diseases
that could be prevented by vaccination such as yellow fever, Japanese
encephalitis, typhoid, or hepatitis A. Vaccination performed ahead of
travel can provide adequate protection against these debilitating diseases.